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Closed Circuit Television – CCTV

Visual monitoring of any system adds integrity, security and information capacity. The implementation of a CCTV system can dramatically increase the sense of comfort felt by employees and visitors to your facility. Closed Circuit Television will provide real time or recorded video surveillance information to help in the investigation and prevention of criminal incidents. Integrated Technical Systems, Inc. specializes in modern digital systems, using video servers and software to monitor and control security surveillance, thus eliminating much of the old-fashioned and costly hardware, including VCR’s.

Access Control & Building Security

Building access control systems allow accessibility only to those individuals authorized to enter specific doors, sections, or areas of your facility at the times you determine. Integrated Technical Systems, Inc. offers access control systems utilizing multiple technologies, including proximity, bio-metric, magnetic stripe, bar-code, weigand and others. Integrated Technical Systems, Inc. specializes in mid-range and large systems, including simple door access, as well as complete facility control and point-monitoring. Because security is very specialize and differs in every facility, flexibility is key to building a solution which is tailored to your needs. In addition to Access Control, Integrated Technical Systems, Inc. can integrate with CCTV systems, and modern digital photo employee identification systems and guard tour.


Integrated Technical Systems, Inc. began in the time clock business nearly thirty years ago. And though Integrated Technical Systems, Inc. has evolved with the times and specializes in modern computerized systems, that sometimes it is still good to just keep it simple. Integrated Technical Systems, Inc. continues to offer a full line of electronic and mechanical time & attendance recorders, date stamps, numbering machines and signature stamps. We also provide all the required supplies–including time cards, ribbons, parts etc. We are her to provide solutions to help you manage your business, your employees, and the documents generated by your business.