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Automated Revenue Controlled Parking Systems

As municipalities, universities and private parking operators expand or upgrade their paid parking operations, the majority have come to recognize that multi-space parking pay stations offer superior flexibility, revenue generation, and consumer service capabilities when compared to the mechanical single-head meters widely deployed in the past. Throughout the years, a number of different parking solutions have emerged as new technologies have become available, and Integrated Technical Systems (ITS) in partnership with Digital Payment Technologies (DPT) has been at the forefront of this innovation.

The Luke II multi-space pay station has multiple payment options, is equipped with a large, full color screen that’s easy to read, multiple language support, network capability, and remove rate configuration.

Mobile payment options are available with the mPay2Park system, including permit and contract management, as well as validations from participating merchants.

Also offered is the complementary Enterprise Management System (EMS) hosted back-end, that allows complete remote management of the pay stations and provides rich audit and reporting capabilities.

Make more or your parking system management with a system from ITS. With the right concept, and our experience, your parking assets will become a sustained source of profit with increased utilization. Make parking easy and convenient for your clients so that they want to return again and again. TIBA provides advanced solutions with increased functionality by interfacing with Hotels, Universities, Reservations Systems, Pay-by-Cell, and Retail POS providers.

MP-30 Entry and SW-30 stations create and read smart bar-code tickets with optional integrated prox/AVI readers and License Plate Recognition cameras. In-lane payments may be accepted either on entry or exit with the VPS-30 paystation.

Automated Payment Machines provide 24 hour service from the full function APS-30 to the CPS-30 Credit Card only pay station. In addition, paytrons may pay with their cell phone, and bypass the pay station with integration to the mPay2Park system.

All systems include a complete line of Parking Management tools, including the SmartPark software suite. There are also multiple choices available for validations from off-line desktop units to on-line and web based systems, as well as the innovative and inexpensive bar-code SmartStickers.